Complete Bibliography

A complete bibliography of Trochim Publications.

Concept Mapping Literature

Publications and selected papers on concept mapping (structured conceptualization).

The Systems Evaluation Protocol, v3.1

The complete guide for the SEP as implemented in the Evaluation Netway.

The Systems Evaluation Protocol Workbook, v1.1

The complete guide for the SEP as implemented in the Evaluation Netway.

The Regression-Discontinuity Design Page

Everything you ever wanted to know about the regression-discontinuity quasi-experimental research design but were afraid to ask.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)The Evaluator as Cartographer: Technology for Mapping Where We're Going and Where We've Been (available also in Spanish)

Trochim, W. (1999) Paper Presented at the 1999 Conference of the Oregon Program Evaluators Network, "Evaluation and Technology: Tools for the 21st Century", Portland, Oregon, October 8, 1999.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)Measuring Organizational Performance as a Result of Installing a New Information System: Using Concept Mapping as the Basis for Performance Measurement

Trochim, W. (1999). Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association, Orlando, FL, November 3-6, 1999.

This is an outline of the soon-to-be-drafted paper describing a performance measurement project in connection with an SAP installation at CITGO Petroleum Corporation.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)The Regression-Discontinuity Design in Health Evaluation

Trochim, W. (1990). Regression-discontinuity design in health evaluation. In L. Sechrest, E. Perrin and J. Bunker (Eds.). Research Methodology: Strengthening Causal Interpretations of Nonexperimental Data. U.S. Dept. of HHS, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Washington, D.C.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)The Regression-Discontinuity Design: An Introduction

Trochim, W. (1994). The Regression-Discontinuity Design: An Introduction. Research Methods Paper Series, Number 1, Thresholds National Research and Training Center on Rehabilitation and Mental Illness, Chicago, IL.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)Developing an Evaluation Culture for International Agricultural Research

Trochim, W. (1992). Developing an Evaluation Culture in International Agriculture Research. In David R. Lee, Steven Kearl, and Norman Uphoff (Eds.) Assessing the Impact of International Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development, Cornell Institute on International Food, Agriculture and Development's (CIIFAD), Cornell University, Ithaca NY.   Includes both a regression-discontinuity and a concept mapping case study.

Characteristics of a Chief of Police: A Concept Mapping Case Study

This website documents a community-wide concept mapping project to identify the characteristics citizens in Ithaca, New York wanted to see in their next police chief. The results were used by the selection committee to help evaluate candidates. Project was conducted 1966-1997.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)The Regression Point Displacement Design for Evaluating Community-Based Pilot Programs and Demonstration Projects

This is the original unpublished paper that I worked on with Donald T. Campbell. Although we have been going at this paper for about four years and have been through about five previous drafts, we felt it still needed some editing and sharpening at the time of his death. I thought fellow Campbell fans would enjoy seeing what may be the last original Campbell quasi-experimental design.

Introduction to Concept Mapping

Trochim, W. (1989). An introduction to concept mapping for planning and evaluation. In W. Trochim (Ed.) A Special Issue of Evaluation and Program Planning, 12, 1-16.

pdf.gif (207 bytes)Pattern Matching, Validity, and Conceptualization in Program Evaluation

Trochim, W. (1985). Pattern Matching, Validity, and Conceptualization in Program Evaluation.  Evaluation Review, 9, 575-604.

Concept Mapping: Hard Art or Soft Science?

Trochim, W. (1989). Concept mapping: Soft science or hard art? In W. Trochim (Ed.) A Special Issue of Evaluation and Program Planning, 12, 87-110.

The Reliability of Concept Mapping

Trochim, W. Reliability of Concept Mapping. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association, Dallas, Texas, November, 1993.

Concept Mapping in Mental Health

Trochim, W., Cook, J. and Setze, R. (1994). Using concept mapping to develop a conceptual framework of staff's views of a supported employment program for persons with severe mental illness. Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 62, 4, 766-775.

Workforce Competencies for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Workers

Trochim, W. and Cook, J. (1993). Workforce Competencies for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Workers: A Concept Mapping Project, Final Report for the conference of The International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 11-12, 1993.

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